Celtic & Co.
Emily Bates, Managing Director

Thank you for how you have picked up the activity so quickly. The team have been really impressed with the ease of working with SOS and I’ve really liked the creative we’ve ended up with and some of the new ideas you’ve bought in.

The Royal Life Saving Society UK
Vicki Hartley‑Kite, Director of Communications

It’s hard to believe that SOS have been producing our membership magazine since 2005! In that time they have consistently pushed the creative, even now presenting the magazine in a creative and contemporary look & format.They also work on other key projects that the charity require, again this is undertaken with the same enthusiasm and <span>The Royal Life Saving Society UK</span></br>Vicki Hartley‑Kite, Director of Communications

Lye Cross Farm
Ben Hutchins, Sales Director

SOS have continually and consistently helped us with the Lye Cross Farm identity for over 14 years. In this time they have designed packaging for new products, enabling us to pitch these to our growing customer base. They have also developed the Lye Cross Farm brand to compete with its peers and strengthen our position <span>Lye Cross Farm</span></br>Ben Hutchins, Sales Director

Smart Architectural Aluminium
Dan Evans, Marketing Manager

From the outset SOS have always pushed the Smart brand, bringing a clear and concise creative approach to everything they do. They really captured our brand ethos and message from the start when producing the revised brand identity. Since then they have continued this approach in every piece of work we commission across a range <span>Smart Architectural Aluminium</span></br>Dan Evans, Marketing Manager